About Neutral-T

The Neutral-T Mission

Neutral-T Apparel is a global clothing brand founded in Toronto, which honours individual differences through positive messages and gender-neutral apparel.

Our goal is to promote equality, justice, positive mental health, and peace through our minimalistic designed Adult, Youth, Kids, and Pet apparel.

We believe that everyoneregardless of their gender, age, sex, race, class, religion, ethnicity, ability, language, sexual orientation, or gender identity — should be treated equally with love and respect. 

Our apparel is designed locally, produced ethically, and delivered globally.

Our promise is to avoid mass production, reduce waste, provide free shipping, and maintain an environmentally friendly business. We ship your items with minimal branded labelling, neutral packaging, and limited printed materials from our local business partners.

Quality is a must at Neutral-T. All of our designed apparel is of high-quality, 100% cotton, durable material that can be worn by anyone...JUST PICK YOUR SIZE!

*FREE SHIPPING to: Canada, US, UK, AUS/NZ, and for International orders over $50. (Due to COVID-19 and increased holiday orders, it may take longer than normal to receive your order. We apologize for the inconvenience and are doing our best to make it a great shopping experience for you!)